The Practice

Studio Eric Lategan was established in mid 1989. We specialize in end market residential, medium size commercial and industrial developments. Projects are mainly national, all though we have also undertaken international commissions in the DRC, Madeira Island and Mauritius.

Eric Lategan

Principal Designer & Sole Proprietor

Our clients are the most important people to this practice.

Based on our practice’s architectural design ethics and understanding, they approach and trust us to optimally process and build upon their requirements for a long-term market-related benefit.

They depend on our recommendations and expertise. Their interests and needs must be considered at all times and treated with the required levels of confidentiality.

They are not outsiders to our operations, but the core thereof. We are not doing them a favour by delivering our services to them, but they do us a favour by giving us the opportunity to serve them.

Associates and Consultants


Personal Assistant


IT Manager


3D Artist

De Villiers

Pr. QS Mangrove Group


Interior design & decor Decorous


Interior design & decor Inner-space